A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hybrid Children is set in a small town, where things are going really, really wrong. You play as a youngster who returns to his old hometown, and who wants to reconnect with his old buddies. Before long you will be discovering ancient powers, blasting hideous monsters and saving your friends from the hands of an evil cult.

The game will be a continuation to our action-adventure game Kalaban, this time realized as a fully 3D experience. You will be able to play the game in couch coop with your friend, not just in survival mode, but in story mode as well! The game currently has no release date



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- Harri Jokinen


Hybrid Children - Test Version - Windows 83 MB
Hybrid Children - Test Version - Mac 86 MB
Hybrid Children - Test Version - Linux 89 MB
Hybrid Children - Early Windows Build - July 2019 59 MB

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So glad that you liked it! :) You know, often times you create stuff "in the dark" without knowing if people are going to enjoy it or not. Sometimes it's great to hear confirmation that what you do is right.