"Finish Your Game" Jam


We're joining the "Finish Your Game" Jam 2020 today with a new playable build of Enemy Remains.

This is a condensed version of the full build we've made, and uploaded to show you guys how far along we've come. There are lots of features present which will be in the final game; survival mode, couch co-op gameplay and most of the basic game elements in place. 

The game still needs quite a lot of polish and cutting the rough edges, but we welcome you to try the game and give us your feedback on it. Enemy Remains is coming to Steam Early Access later this year, and we feel it's valuable to have a solid build of the game before that. 


-Harri J.


Enemy Remains - PreAlpha Preview 0.6.0 [Windows] 614 MB
Nov 22, 2020
Enemy Remains - PreAlpha Preview 0.6.0 [Mac] 649 MB
Nov 22, 2020
Enemy Remains - PreAlpha Preview 0.6.0 [Linux] 704 MB
Nov 22, 2020

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