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'Kalaban' is a horror-themed action-adventure game developed by Rayhouse Productions. The game focuses on delivering a strong story.

The game is set in 1995, in an alternate history version of Finland. The main character of the game is Bob, a hermit and an American who has moved to live in Finland. Bob's cabin is attacked by a mutant monster, which triggers the story. He must find out what is going on around him and discover the reason behind the weird outbreak.

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In the Horde mode your mission is to survive as long as you can against the endless mutant onslaught. Gather weapons, health and food pickups and try to top your previous high score.

The scenes present an alternate future timeline, where the corruptive forces have spread much further, and the whole town has been turned into their breeding ground.


Kalaban - Horde Mode demo 109 MB

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