Version 1.1.9 released!

Hello there!

Our spring sale 2019 is approaching, and we wanted to give the game a new update to celebrate it! We've fixed some issues which the community noted in previous versions.

Here's a list of all the improvements:

  • UI controls updated slightly.
  • UI description function updated.
  • Minor fix to collision detection.
  • Fix for the ground texture disappearing due to memory loss.
  • Fix for the player movement right after loading screen.
  • Map transition triggers now only work when you have stepped away from one.
  • Fix for the attack cooldown after menus and dialogue screens.
  • Door interaction trigger fix.
  • Minor graphical fixes to scene backgrounds.
  • Enemy spawn points slightly revised.

We've been especially happy to see new players, streamers and curators finding Kalaban lately. Here's a video of John Wolfe playing the game on his channel:


- Harri Jokinen

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Apr 10, 2019

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